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‘Tis The Season – To NOT Drink & Drive

Since the time I began driving I’ve always been threatened/warned that drinking and driving is a no-no, and should I challenge mom and dad’s orders, hell hath no fury, like the Winkler Parent’s Scorned! Today, I have my own children or in many countries, there called...

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Thank you, all Veterans of the United States

To the Veterans and the United States:   To all of those who have served or are currently serving our Country of the United States in any of the military branches… The Law Offices of B. Scott Winkler, would like to pause and give a welcoming thank you for your...

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Do you know your Miranda Rights?

Miranda Rights, it is very important that you understand your rights, especially when it involves your life or a life of a loved one. Allow B. Scott Winkler, The Shafter Lawyer, to introduce some important information regarding the 5th and 6th Amendment....

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Arrested? Do NOT Do These 3 Things!

I’ve been arrested…what now? Many of us find ourselves in the unfortunate position of being arrested, whether it’s based on legitimate facts or not. I believe there are some pieces of advice, whether you feel you were treated unfairly or not that will...

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