Child Support

Typically, parents must pay child support until the child turns 18. There are some exceptions, however.

Support may continue until the age of 19 if the child is still in high school and lives with a parent. The support period could be shorter if the child marries or registers a domestic partnership, joins the military, or otherwise becomes self-supporting.

On the other hand, parents could agree to support a child for a longer period of time or, if a child is unable to become self-supporting due to a disability, a court could order continued support.

Federal and state laws say that both the father and mother of a child are responsible for the support of their children. If the parents are married at the time the child is born or conceived, both are responsible for supporting their child. If the parents are not married, then parentage must be established in order for the child to have a legal father. Either parent might be asked to pay child support to the other.

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