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Built on paying thorough attention to the crucial details that we give to our clients, you can be sure that you will be taken care of properly with B. Scott Winkler the Criminal Defense Lawyer Shafter CA.

Our initial free consultation allows both the client and the attorney to get to know one another, therefore, allowing each party to feel comfortable as the case moves forward, and absolutely no costs if the client decides to go continue looking.

In conclusion, we are an experienced, result-oriented Criminal Defense and Family Law Firm in Shafter, CA who never lets the details get in the way of helping you achieve a successful outcome. Our geographic location, across from the Shafter Court, and familiarity with the city and the people, has proven to be the biggest asset of being a leading Criminal Defense Lawyer when investigating and negotiating cases. No other private Criminal Defense Attorney in Bakersfield and Shafter is more present in the Shafter Court House, than B. Scott Winkler.


“Scott Winkler has always been there for me and my family. He is caring, kind and loyal. He is thorough and a highly professional lawyer. He is the best lawyer around. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed with this Criminal Lawyer Bakersfield CA!” Eddie S | Shafter, CA

“Scott has handled various things for me and my extended family. He is the most down to earth, trustworthy attorney i have met. He tells it like it is and makes those not so pleasant situations a little more bearable. He is one of the best Lawyers in Shafter CA.” Alyssa B | Shafter, CA

“Scott Winkler serves his clients with integrity, competency and exellence. Thank you for your honest expertise as a Criminal Lawyer in Shafter!” Elizabeth W | Bakersfield, CA

“In the beginning, I retained an attorney. At the end, he felt like a friend. Scott told me that once he was retained, he would take over my stress. After a few conversations my criminal nightmare was dismissed by the best Criminal Defense Law Firms Bakersfield CA. I have not seen him since our case but I definitely felt like he still has my back.” Jennifer N | Wasco, CA

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