Case Results

Case Results

The People of California vs Daniel A.

My client was found in a restaurant bathroom with a female when he was attacked by three other males. Based upon the relationship of the 3 male individuals, they all pointed the finger at my client as the aggressor. The police department charged my client with PC 422 criminal threats, PC 243A battery and PC 594 vandalism. After a thorough investigation, interviewing numerous patrons in the restaurant, it was determined that my client was involved in a simple act of romance and upon showing such evidence to the district attorney, all charges were dismissed.

The People of California vs Gaylen O.

Arrested for DUI, California Vehicle Code 23152 (A) & (B). Officer found my client on the side of the road asleep, based on the officers objective signs, presumed he was intoxicated. Provided medical records to the District Attorney showing no signs of alcohol impairment, client was actually recovering from a concussion. Case was later dismissed in furtherance of justice.

The People of California vs Melissa H.

Arrested for multiple felony. During the arrest over twenty credit cards, several ID’s and a money making machine were discovered in her vehicle. Defendant claimed having little knowledge of the items possessed in her vehicle. Initially offered a six-year term to be served in state prison. After a thorough and diligent analysis of all discovery, I was able to show that all felonious material possessed in the vehicle were not her’s and were recently placed in her custody. Client plead to PC32, and accessory, as a misdemeanor for credit time served and community service.

The People of California vs Brandon P.

Client was pulled over for a traffic violation and suspicion of driving without a license. During a protective sweep, several marijuana bags were found in the vehicle and the client was arrested for (HS11359) felony possession of sales. Filed motion to suppress on behalf of my client which was granted, case was dismissed.

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The People of California vs D.H

Client was arrested for selling weapons to minors that were later discovered to be stolen. Providing the District Attorney results that showed immaturity and psychological disorders, an agreement was reached allowing the client to plead to a deferred entry of judgement (DEJ) for a period of twelve months. During the twelve month period, client sought counseling and successfully performed community service there by meeting the terms of the DEJ and having the case dismissed one year after the plea.

The People of California vs Esteban J.

Client was involved in multiple Estes robberies (PC211) at the same location. On the night he was arrested he was able to escape by violently kicking a store employee. He was charged with several accounts of PC211 (Estes robbery) and was offered incarceration for a long period of time. After setting up an interview with District Attorney and Bakersfield Police, i was able to show that my clients intentions were based on peer pressure and acceptance, having no prior criminal record. The case was conditionally dismissed upon my client performing a serious of projects outlined by Kern County probation.

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