Vehicle Accidents

If you have been involved and injured in a vehicle accident contact B. Scott Winkler immediately.

You may be eligible to receiving rehabilitative care loss of income, medical bills, future lost wages, vehicle damage, rental car costs, emotional trauma and more. California, like many other states, has an “at fault” (also referred to as a “tort”) system for insurance claims — a driver seeking compensation must show fault on the part of the other driver if he wants his claim to be successful.

Per California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1, you have two years to file a personal injury claim. For property damage, California Code of Civil Procedure § 338 dictates that you have up to three years to file a claim. Therefore, if you suffered whiplash due to a car slamming into your rear bumper, you have two years to file a claim for any medical bills or other out-of-pocket expenses you incurred due to the injury. But if the only damages you incurred were a broken taillight or a smashed bumper, you have three years in which to file a claim for compensation.


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