For my first formal blog, my idea was to make a series of posts on each part of the criminal procedure process from the moment of the arrest to first day of trial, and what factors to consider at each phase. That will now be the direction of blog #2. I decided I should first introduce myself. As this Facebook clearly reveals, my name is B. Scott Winkler, I practice law in Kern County, a member of the California State Bar and best defined as your typical everyday dude. My blog’s will be primarily on “the law”, but I believe it’s equally important to discuss how the law affects our daily life, when we sometimes fail to realize how much the law is literally part of our everyday life.

My intention is to provide the everyday person a little information about law, while being candid and without fear, not to intrigue readers to hire me or become famous for starting a blog. The purpose is to provide some insight to an area of our lives that happens to involve my occupation. If I happen to make a statement that is hurtful, controversial, or upsetting to anyone, I promise it was either a mistake or your reading too much into the “Winky Blog”. As a former news junkie, I’ve become bored with two-party political talking heads with their advocates in tow, debating every night. I guess, as most Americans, I am tired of “Political Correctness”, however, it appears since this country voted for the politically incorrect individual, I find it ironic that watching the news is an exhausting diatribe between those from the far left as well as the far right, because many on TV (legislators) are making the same laws I am bound to work with.

I understand that law and politics are related, simply due to the checks and balances of our three-branch system. That is not where I intend to focus my blogs, because any political discussion in today’s climate will yield into an explosive debate. I want this to be insightful, humorous, and most importantly, a relaxing way to unwind, read, and hopefully be entertained. In fact, I am going to be open and tell you my political party right now! I DO NOT HAVE ONE, because right now, I’ve never been more in the middle…frustrated with both sides, so instead of making this political, I am going to go out of my way to avoid a direct political discussion. I will do my best to provide you with my off-beat, sometimes colorful, and unfiltered opinions that were developed right here in Kern County, where I have proudly called home my entire life.