To the Veterans and the United States:


To all of those who have served or are currently serving our Country of the United States in any of the military branches…

The Law Offices of B. Scott Winkler, would like to pause and give a welcoming thank you for your bravery. Knowing at any time you could be ordered to lace up your boots when ever it comes time to protect this amazing country.

With the current political climate and horrendous events happening both in our country and others around the globe, our military upon a moment’s notice is prepared to defend our country and others as well.

Today, let’s put away any political ideology, and simply be proud of our military, our country, and give blessings to all that serve and their families who have their own struggles as wives, husbands and parents in their absence.

This great country is the most innovative and resilient since our inception!

Let’s make today simple, and honor our past and current members in the military.

Let’s rejoice in love by living in America and giving thanks to the greatest military in the world!