The Personal Biography of B. Scott Winkler

My calling to the law came in 1980, as I was in Junior High School. In the middle of the school day, I was called to the office and escorted to the conference room where two Bakersfield Police Investigators were very friendly and asked if I would answer questions regarding events that took place the prior weekend. As my heart began pounding out of my chest, and specifically feeling intimidated to say yes. It is important to note, that I was not intimidated by the police asking me where I was this past Friday, and whether I had any knowledge as to where my brother could have been on the Friday in question (my brother is 7 years older). In short, a murder had occurred and the only person identified was leaving in an automobile, that could have been one of six vehicles in Kern County, one which was registered to my brother. As I sat for a moment, I froze, and could not remember anything or any event that happened the prior weekend. I’ll never forget the look of terror in my parents face as I rushed in the door from school, and my brother had already been detained and taken downtown for questioning.

The most difficult step in the legal process was my family did not have the financial means to hire an attorney. Due to this situation, my parents could only worry about their son serving the rest of his life in prison. A witness came forward and made a definite determination that my brother was not the individual involved, and the actual culprit was arrested a week later. From that point on, I never wanted to be in a position to have no understanding of the law, and help those to the best of my ability, when others find themselves needing a simple consultation just for peace of mind.

Years later, The Law Offices of B. Winkler, literally started in a Bakersfield court room, when he introduced himself to a friendly, older gentleman by the name of Gordon Drescher, a well-known Kern County Attorney, who practiced out of Wasco, California (who Mr. Winkler never heard of). As we waited for the judge to complete a chambers conference, the two of us had an opportunity to talk for almost an hour, regarding topics relating to sports, farming, and just about every subject, but the practice of law. After listening to Mr. Drescher speak so eloquent, his case was called by the family law judge and I watched an 80 year old friendly man cite case law and continuously turn the opposing counsel’s argument into his own. I was impressed to say the least, and as he walked out he turned to me and said, “you should call me young man, I’ve been trying to retire for a couple years”. With some hesitation, I did call him and he proposed an offer to take over his practice in Wasco. I told him that I knew very little about Wasco other than their GEY Football team was a perennial powerhouse, could I please have a few days to discuss your offer with my wife. After speaking to my wife she said, “Have you taken anytime to pray about this decision.” After admittedly saying “NO”, she threw me in the car and drove to Wasco and find the office of Mr. Drescher. Upon arrival, she exited our car and said, “we are going to walk around this office praying until you receive your answer.” After a period of walking for approximately 5 minutes, everything was so clear…. the idea of serving the North Kern County area out of the Shafter and Delano courts immediately filled my heart with peace and certainty. After several years, I made the decision to relocate to Shafter, in an effort to be close to the courts in North Kern County and the Greater Bakersfield court system. As Bakersfield clients were now reaching out for legal assistance, my client base works long and hard hours to maintain a solid lifestyle. I have been very blessed in life with family, friends, and clients, but it was only a few years ago when I was with my dad and asked him, “how did you end up in Bakersfield from Tishomingo, Oklahoma?” My pop looked at me and said, “as a child, my family was very poor and his siblings along with his parents would follow the harvest seasons from Oklahoma to California, picking various fruits and row crops. I have been given the opportunity to help people in the same exact position as my parents, and that is a truly satisfying feeling. The Law Office of B. Scott Winkler is here to provide you with an honest assessment of your case during a free first-time consultation, and you will receive nothing more than an honest assessment……not a sales pitch!

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